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The Total Applicant Processing System ( Total-APS ) provides customized career web sites designed for small and medium businesses to manage the entire recruiting, selection and hiring processes.Through the Total Applicant Processing System ( Total-APS ) employers are equipped with HRD Press, Inc's ( best of class tools to create objective, legal and successful hiring campaigns. The Total Applicant Processing System ( Total-APS ) enables employers to use customizable and scorable filtering questions, screening and selection assessments and scorable interview questions.

hire better faster and for lessWith the help of one of our 200 industry experts "On-Call" or on your own the Total Applicant Processing System ( Total-APS ) provides a single page view of all candidates for each position which allows you to rank the candidates on any one of 7 key criteria:

  1. Application/Filter Score
  2. Honesty/Integrity Assessment Score: CBI
  3. Sixth Generation Personality and Abilities Assessment: FirstView
  4. Total Job Fit Assessment: TotalView
  5. Resume Score
  6. Phone Screen Score
  7. Personal Interview Score: Interview Generator

Total-APS: Better, Faster and a Lower Per Hire Cost - Guaranteed!
Total-APS: The Best Assessments Mean The Best Hires!
Total-APS: More than 200 Industry Experts "On-Call"
Total-APS: Fast Deployment - Complete Customized Solution As Soon As Tomorrow

Schedule a Total Applicant Processing System ( Total-APS ) demo today and find out about our solutions for: Recruiters, HR Professionals, Small/Medium Business Executives and Owners, Departments or Divisions of Large Corporations, Franchise Organizations and more! TELL ME MORE...

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